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VLIXtv is a custom built streaming platform built to cater for stage schools and performing arts groups. It’s easy to use, intuitive and innovative. Our aim is to deliver high quality live event video and make it easily accessible to all viewers on all devices and in full High Definition.

Shows can be watched anywhere on phones, computers, tablets and can also be cast via ChromeCast and AirPlay and we’ll have performance/scene selection options to easily find the performance you’re looking for.

With our online delivery option, performers/parents will receive a link to register on VLIXtv, when registering they’ll select your school and this means they’ll only see shows by your school. Shows are presented in HD, have scheduled release dates, performance chapters and teaser/trailer clips.

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VLIX.tv is a platform built for hosting and streaming your shows. Once registered cast/parents can purchase lifetime access to your shows at any time, on any device. After we’ve recorded and edited your show, it’ll be available to watch online in 3/4 weeks and anyone who has preordered will receive an email once it’s available. 

As well as paid content we can host and offer free content, clips, training videos etc. We also offer a fully custom, private, white-labeled streaming website just for your school, this is a great option if you’re staging a lot of productions or producing a lot of video content.

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  • Full High Definition video
  • Watch from any device
  • Lifetime access after purchase
  • Scene/Performance markers
  • ChromeCast/AirPlay compatible
  • Available to watch 3 weeks after show